Contact Data at Reist Telecom GmbH Version 14.05.2018

Where is contact data available and processed?

Reist Telecom GmbH handles contact data in two different methods. On one hand, for the administration and maintenance of typical sales documents such as offers, order confirmations and delivery receipts. Contact data for such documents are not systematically registered nor stored centrally, they remain only in archive copies of these documents.

On the other hand, for customer care and operational processes. Contact information is required in these processes for maintaining and providing the point of contact for operations and maintenance, as well as customer information and administrative activities. The contact data consists of your business-relevant addresses, method of contact and function. Contact data for these purposes are structured and systematically stored in our contact database.

How can contact data be obtained?

Contact data that is systematically stored can be obtained upon written request. To fulfil the request, a physical paper-based contact report is delivered in a sealed envelope to the postal address of the stored contact. Any contact report unable to be delivered by post, will be archived and the process terminated without further notice. No contact reports will be delivered to any other address than the postal address of the stored contact.

How can the right to correct contact data be exercised?

All requests to correct systematically stored contact data must be handwritten on the contact report received from Reist Telecom GmbH by post. Reist Telecom GmbH Service Management will evaluate the correction request, make necessary adjustments and generate a new contact report. The new contact report serves as confirmation about the requested modifications. Correction requests are logged and stored in archives.

How can the right to be “forgotten” be exercised?

Due to operational restrictions and the obligations to archive required by Swiss legislation, contact data cannot be deleted. The only way for systematically stored contact data to be “forgotten” is to activate contact data blocking. As a result, blocked contact data no longer appears in reports and is no longer in available in downstream systems. The right to be forgotten must be requested in writing by post in the form of letter with an enclosed contact data report. Such requests are archived electronically.

What is the contact address for such requests?

All correspondences and requests must be sent to Reist Telecom GmbH, Service Management, Operations Center, CH-8058 Zurich, Switzerland. Reist Telecom GmbH does not conduct any correspondence about existing contact data. If a request does not lead to any contact data, the request will be electronically archived and the process terminated without further notice.